Welcome to Eco Wireless CCTV

Welcome to Eco Wireless CCTV. At Eco Wireless CCTV we produce simple and highly effective systems that provide high quality video in HD (SD available as well). With the use of our optional solar panels or small wind turbines for power they are environmentally friendly, allowing installations in non-traditional areas that do not have electrical infrastructure.  This allows us to cover a large area, and provide rapid and simple installation, thus eliminating the need for great lengths of expensive video cables.  We eliminate the high cost of running those cables through conduits, or trenching to bury the cables in ground in outdoor applications, which is particularly useful in existing urban areas that would require cabling through walls and floors, or tearing up existing pavement to bury video cables.

 Our systems use proprietary long range RF equipment, and therefore have much longer range than standard Wi-Fi, at much lower data rates. They are available on custom frequencies, and with the ability to create a MESH network for multiple cameras operating in range of each other they can act as repeaters for each other, extending the system range further.

Our proprietary NVRs provide massive storage capacity, with the option for redundant hot swappable hard drives, and cloud back up. They provide huge storage, premium functions, and a low cost, providing outstanding value relative to our competition. Download our brochure

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